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America, fuck yeah!

Today I had a day off from work (floating holiday dealie for Veteran's Day) and slept in. I was awakened at 10am by a knock on the door. I yelled "Who's there?" twice (anyone who knew I was off today wouldn't have also been off AND come over so godawfully early without calling first) through my bedroom window. The timid voice said "Jehovah's Witnesses". I said, simply, "No." and went back to bed as she slinked off my porch.

I'm telling you, besides my side winning, nothing makes you happier post election day to see Constitutional freedoms in action. People have the right to come to my door pushing their nutty beliefs, and I have the right to tell them to go away. Everyone's happy. And I didn't even have to get out of bed to tell the nice Jesus Recruiter to leave.

With the power shift and all, it'd be easy to gloat (buh bye, Rick Santorum! Now you have more time to spend with your family and your dog, though not in That Way, of course), but the important thing is, even when there are election irregularities (see 2000, 2004) and dirty tricks, most of the time, our nation, for the most part, gets thing correct. No one's gonna round up the Jehovah's Witnesses for being unpopular and out of the mainstream. Or the Socialist Worker party supporters (all 5 of them).

And they can come to our doors, and even though we have a Second Amendment, for the most part, we're a civilized bunch and do not threaten to bust a cap in their asses, no matter how much we may want to when they wake us up on our days off. And then when we joke about busting caps, no one comes to our houses to give us the what-for for rambling in a blog. It's a nice freedom to have.

Here's to more of that with the Democrats in power. And Dems, please learn from the last few years and try not to be too crazy with the lawmaking and stuff. Even if you CAN.
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