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All the world loves a Glover

I saw Crispin Glover's experimental film "What is it?" this weekend. It's either deliberately trying to provoke shock, or it's a brilliant pushing of the limits of what is and isn't acceptable imagery in film. Or both. Almost all the cast are actors with Down Syndrome, there's nazi imagery (combined with Shirley Temple imagery), blackface, Charles Manson songs on the soundtrack, and the actual filmed killing of snails (in 3 different ways). But it was interesting, both visually and thematically. Crispin tours with the film and does a Q&A where you can yell at him if you like (Seattle audience was rather subdued when I went, but at least 2 people walked out of the film early)

Anyway, if you enjoy Mr. Glover's work and he come to your town with a print of this film, check it out. He says he has no plan to release it on DVD, so that's your only chance.

also, here's the infamous kicking David Letterman clip for your amusement:
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