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Trick or tramp!

So if you're the kind of gal who buys a costume for Halloween instead of making one from scratch or piecing together things from Goodwill, it seems you have many choices, as long as you want a "sexy" costume. While we've all seen sexy cat, sexy devil, sexy witch, sexy vampire, sexy schoolgirl, it seem the "sexy" versions of
store-bought costumes are getting a little out of hand.

(All of these links are SFW unless noted)

Okay, so we all know about the librarian fantasy (link SFW, links on that page may not be), but this sexy librarian costume is neither particularly sexy nor particularly librarianish. Except for a necktie our SysAdmin owns and maybe a tapestry vest I saw on a paraprofessional, library employees do not typically wear clothing depicting book spines. (that's what the skirt pattern is supposed to be, if you can't tell).

So what other occupations need their costumes sexed up?

Well, if you asked das_prompt, you'd get the sexy nun costume, though I think part of the appeal of nun costumes is that they AREN'T overtly sexy. Guessing what she's wearing underneath is part of the fun. And lusting after nuns is nicely transgressive, so I understand this costume's appeal.

But what shall we make of the sexy referee? Unlike librarians, firemen, cops, cowboys, and nurses, referees are not typically on the "occupational lust" radar. Who is this costume meant to appeal to- football widows?

And then, in a costume that combines geekiness with a weird sort of pedaphilic vibe, there's the sexy Harry Potter/Gryffindor costume. It's cheap looking and ill-conceived- any "sexy" Hogwarts costumes should probably be in Slytherin colors, because cunning (and evil) is always sexier than chivalry. This costume creeps me out way more than the nun one does.

So what's left for the gal making her own costume? A quick google search shows that no vendors appear to be selling "sexy amish costumes" , "sexy ninja costumes" "sexy al-qaeda costumes", "sexy Juggalo costumes" or "sexy malawian orphan costumes", so you'll be the only one at the party in that outfit if you choose to go that way.

Happy Halloween, y'all.
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