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yay, failure!!

So I failed to complete the motorcycle class I took this weekend, in that I was not making sufficient progress on the range today to 1) complete the exercises yet to come 2) pass the road test. I never dropped the bike or anything like that, but apparently, if you don't know how to drive a manual transmission car already, you will be at a severe to insurmountable disadvantage when attempting to master a motorcycle's clutch after 2-5 hours of range time. And they'll ask you to leave the range rather than spending any more time trying to school you in things you're too uneducable to grasp. I guess it was nice to salvage some of my afternoon if I wan't going to pass the road test anyway, but it would have been even nicer to sleep in all Sunday instead of waking up at 7am.

I really wish their sign up materials had mentioned this- I was the only one in the class who didn't drive stick, and surprise, I was the one who had the hardest time grasping the whole "let the clutch out slowly" thing that standard car drivers already know. They also neglected to mention the "you must squeeze the clutch when braking to a stop, or the engine dies"- again, stick drivers already know this, and I figured it out soon enough, especially when I thought about what a clutch DOES, but it put me behind the class enough to thwart my progress and piss me off.

However, I did get to complete the entire 8 hours of classroom time (yawn) that could have been covered in 4-5, and I passed the written test for the license with a perfect score. Again, I'd have rather the class been structured so that if I was going to fail anyway, I could have failed with more time on the range and less in the classroom having the instructor read the booklet to us.

So I'm pretty bummed, more at the loss of my weekend (7:45am range time meant I got to miss 2 parties on Friday and Saturday), my time, and my $100 than I am for failing. I guess the next step is to finally learn to drive a stick so next time I encounter a bike, I can concentrate on things like tight turns and cornering without braking rather than how to not anger the clutch.

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