Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

In case anyone is wondering...

..2022 round trip miles later, I am back from my SF road trip. Maybe soon I will tell tales of Art Cars, visits with the Surly and the Good, and the dusty road to Chakra Mountain.

But for now I'm just catching up on email, laundry, and sleep. Oh, and going to work, where someone has been fired and escorted out of the building while I was gone. The fun never ends!

Also, unless I was hallucinating, I'm pretty sure in last night's Simpsons, Bart forced Skinner to put multiple cats in his (Skinner's, not Bart's) pants. My lawyers will be contacting Matt Groening soon for the 10% I'm entitled to whenever catpants appear in the media.
Tags: cat pants, road trip

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