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Hump 2 brief review:

I guess after I saw The Petermans at a Gang of Four concert 2 years ago, I shouldn't be surprised to see them anywhere, but they were the only people exiting the prior Hump 2 screening that I knew.

Speaking of "Seattle is a small town", since dirtylibrarian decided not to go to Hump 2 with me, I took drexle. This turned out to be advantageous, because I doubt dirtylibrarian would have been able to say "That guy on screen right now lives down the hall from me."

Making it even better is the fact that he (the guy on screen) has a girlfriend when he lives in drexle's apartment building, but was filmed getting it on with a surfer boy on the screen. I'm sure drexle will never look at his neighbor the same way again. drexle's review: "That alone was worth $20".

As for the rest of it, one unifying point I noticed is that if you're doing a "one weekend only" screening, the filmmakers can use whatever music they want without fear of having to license it. Thus, for the near future, I will think of a certain act involving 2 men and 1 woman as a "Don't Stop Believin'".

sort of list of films here.

Best title: "Fairies on a ferry"

Best film (in my opinion): "Gettin' a leg up on porn", which was an mock-instructional film about breaking into the biz that used a classroom film style intro, complete with washed-out black and white establishing shots of Seattle and a logo for the spurious "Washington State Adult Entertainment Commission" with a silhoutte of Washington state with an unzipped zipper.

Worst film: "bois (wood)" - a parody of French art film about a man obsessed with fucking a board. Yes, board, not broad. Although the setup tried to misdirect that the film was about 2 people and not a man and a plank, the outcome was obvious, and the subtitles with the faux pretentious narration about longing and desire just got irritating after awhile. Plus, no real action or nudity to speak of, except the board, which we see being sanded.But I bet Charles Mudede liked it.

Best film that didn't really fit the definition of amateur prawn: The stop motion animation where Jack (of Jack in the Box) and a studly action figure playing "Dick" (of Dick's Drive-In) cross Broadway to have hot corporate mascot sex. This film probably took someone MONTHS to make, not even counting having to retrofit the dolls to be anatomically correct.

Best desecration of a local landmark in a film: The Jimi Hendrix statue on Broadway was probably never intended to do certain things with its hands.

Best over-the-top joke: The crazy straw, and then the Mousetrap game as examples of how actors can improve on the standard "money shot" finale.

Weirdest costume pictured: a lifesize Twinkie the Kid mascot appears in one film, but doesn't "perform". Still pretty weird, because you anticipate that he will, which is probably worse.

Overall, well worth $20. I hope they do it again next year and add even more screenings so fewer people are turned away.
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