Just me. (lara7) wrote,
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adventures in (not) cooking

I've had little appetite lately, and even less inclination to cook a bunch of food and store the excess for my next 3 meals.

So I wasn't surprised that the tofu in my fridge had been there about a month. Or longer.

What did surprise me was that tofu can spoil in the package before you even open it. And that the plastic wrap on it will rise like a bubble when this happens.

I don't know why I opened it to throw the tofu block in the compost bin. I should have just thrown the whole thing in the garbage, but if the wrapper had gotten punctured and leaked in the gabage, it could have been just as bad.

Spoiled tofu smells like Bleu Cheese, except evil. I'm not a fan of Bleu cheese in the first place, and even less when it's impostering my soy curd.

I need to strike a balance between buying perishibles I actually can cook in a reasonable time vs. admitting to myself that good intentions (vis a vis buying broccoli and tofu and ignoring them until they get thrown out) are useless.

FYI, it's hard to detect mold on broccoli. By the time you can see it, the broccoli is past redemption.
Tags: angst, ick

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