Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

And one more thing....

Many people (well, at least two) have told me regarding MBCFTP that "you (you generically, not me specifically) always find (in the romantic sense of 'find', not as in 'locating a lost contact lens') someone when you're not looking for them ". I think this is for the most part true. I was so not expecting any Xmas action, that I didn't even pack condoms for my trip home (although in the past when I've travelled, I've packed them "just in case" more often than not, despite a history of never finding myself needing them).

Anyway, re-reading some of my posts of the last 2 weeks to get a handle on all this flux, I found this on 12/16 (11 days ago):

The ironic thing to happen would be if I fall in love with someone in Columbus (Boy with Tattooed Hand, perhaps) in the next 6 weeks and then have a horribly teary goodbye. That, or terrorists crash planes into the Space Needle.

No no, that wouldn't be irony, because I'd already noted the possibility. REAL irony is when you reconnect with someone who you remember from college and high school, but he also remembers you from JUNIOR HIGH (how many years ago this was is too ghastly to speak aloud), and yet he -still- finds you kissable. That, O My Brothers, is Irony.

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