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2 br apt w/ghst

Poll #788738 2 br apt w/dth

How would you feel about renting the apartment where a notorious mass murder had recently occurred? The apt has been completely cleaned, damage fixed, and is in a neighborhood you like.

No way. That's creepy.
No, but more because I dislike the idea of gawkers/mourners/infamy.
maybe. I'm a little creeped out but I could get over it.
Sure, especially if the rent was reduced because no one else wanted to live there.
You bet, because it would be the Gothiest house evar!

Seattle folks probably know which house I'm talking about. A friend of mine just moved into it from out-of-state. She's aware of the history but had never been there before and didn't know the prior residents.

I went over Sunday to help her unpack. I didn't feel haunted or anything, but it's hard to divorce weird thoughts when you know the scoop. It really is a sweet house, and given the new floors and paint, it certainly doesn't look like it'd been shot up by a lunatic.

I think it's brave of her, but I know other people might be creeped out that anyone would even think to live there again. The suggestion was made by members of the public after the incident that the owner should tear it down, but considering the cost/value of the property, it seems a little extreme. After all, it's not like the house killed anyone, and I bet you can't even take a capital loss deduction for "tore down vintage house in rapidly appreciating neighborhood because of fear of ghosts and/or bad vibes".

But I'm curious to hear what others think. Would it be okay to live in the house if you didn't know? Does the property manager have a responsibility to tell you if you don't recognize the address/location?

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