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today's transcendent Village People moment:

the Village People outlasted the disco years and then went New Romantic in the 80s. Think about the Village People making an album in 1985 that apes Duran Duran. I'll wait.

Okay, now that you've grappled with that, the next brain buster:

When the Village People make a music video about phone sex, the fantasy voice on the other end of the line is...a woman.

Trying to un-gay the Village People is just WRONG. Also notice that the song lyrics use the pronoun "They" instead of "he" or "she" when describing hotness.

for added retro fun, pay special attention to the "portable" /cell phone the soldier guy has that's about the size of a shoebox.


snarky commentary on this video via pitchfork:

Sometimes when I'm bored, I like to think about where the women in this video are today. Are they mothers? Grandmothers? Are they married? Divorced? Widowed? Do they vote Republican? Do they watch "Oprah"? Do they have breast cancer? Heart disease?

But it always comes down to the same two perplexing questions:

Do they ever think about the day when somebody asked them to be in the video for a song called "Sex Over the Phone" by the Village People (in 1985 no less!), and they said yes?

Is it really multiple women, or just one woman wearing different wigs?
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