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1st quarter books read

a little late due to globetrotting...


1)Booked to Die - John Dunning (audio)- series mystery featuring an ex-cop turned antiquarian bookseller. fun for bookstore lovers and a little grittier than I'd expected.

2) Death Train to Boston- Dianne Day (audio)- Penultimate title in series mystery has heroine kidnapped by a polygamous Mormon after a train wreck. Kinda dumb.

3) Inside Job- Connie Willis- Short novella about debunkers, psychics, channers and H.L. Mencken. good but probably hard to find since it's a small press kinda thing.

4) Ten Little Indians - Agatha Christie (audio)- I'd never read her, and this one is apparently a classic that influenced tons of followers. 10 strangers brought to an island, all start getting killed by someone in the group. Fun fact: the original title of this book is "Ten Little Niggers", and characters in the book refer to "The nigger in the woodpile" at least twice. So much for the genteel British mystery.

5) Bookman's wake - John Dunning (audio)- see number 1.

6) Bookman's promise - John Dunning (audio)- see number 1. still interesting by book 3. one book left, I haven't read it yet.

7) Hoot- Carl Hiassen (audio)- The master of wacky Florida crime writes a teen novel about ecoterrorism. good but not as outrageous as Carl for adults. soon to be a movie.

8) The Best of frederic brown- edited by Robert Bloch- Bunch of short stories from a noir/pulp guy I like. A few are Sci-fi, most are mystery.

9) Unusual suspects: an anthology of Crime stories from black lizard.- like every short story collection, a mixed bag.

10) the Historian- Elizabeth Kostova (audio) - Hotshot debut vampire epic. Started off great, but I was less enthralled as it wrapped up.


1) The Truth with jokes - Al Franken (audio) -still funny to me.

2) Travelers' Tales Thailand- Read while in Thailand. Not a guidebook. Hardly a bad story in the bunch. Lots of insight into Thai character, plus fun anecdotes about hill tribes cuisine, Buddhist monks that run a heroin detox bootcamp, etc.

3) Welcome to Burma: And Enjoy the Totalitarian Experience- Timothy Syrota- . Bought this used in Thailand, your basic travel memoir, except that Burma is a hideously fucked-up place to live or to travel. Kinda a Cliff Notes guide to the horror that is the Mynamar junta.

4) In a sunburned country -Bill Bryson (audio)- Bill does Australia. one of his best ones. Makes you glad to live in a place with comparatively fewer lethal critters and less chance of dying of thirst if you leave the highway.
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