Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

back from Thailand...

I'm back and safe, though I caught a cold my last night and am coughing up nasty stuff. Hopefully I don't have bird flu or some other mysterious malady. I am glad to be back in a land where I can safely drink the tap water and can flush my toilet paper rather than throwing it away (but more on Asian toilets later). I had delivery pizza for dinner and am so happy to understand and be able to pronounce everything on the menu again and order a vegetarian pizza with confidence.

a side note on food pronunciations: the Thai word for vegetarian (transliterated "jair" in the phrase book but pronounced "jay", as in "Jay and Silent Bob", sounds a lot like the Thai loanword for homosexual, transliterated "gair" in the phrase book and pronounced "gay", similar to the English pronunciation, but probably with some tonal minutia we can't hear. I have to wonder if at some point in the trip, the waitress heard Ivan say "I'd like homosexual pad thai, please", but was too polite to laugh. again, more about the trip and wacky Thai language difficulties later, after I'm better rested and have downloaded my photos.

And yeah, we heard about the Capitol Hill massacre over there. it made at least 2 of the English-language newspapers (I can't tell you if it made the Thai papers or not) and we were able to get internet access to read the local coverage. We didn't know the victims, but we actually do know the guy that owns the house, who was part of our Burning Man camp the first year I went and who was apparently also out of the country when all this went down. So other than that and a wedding that I unfortunately missed, I have no idea what I missed in LJ land, and will catch up when I can. If you have earth-shaking news, best to email me directly.

And those entries I wrote from Thailand? Not me, but follow the "pranks" tag to remember I never do my own vacation blogging. :-)

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