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I dreamed of a party

You may remember an entry that I wrote in the days preceeding my departure for the Mysterious East about my favorite band when I lived in Ohio. I dreamt last night that Gil Mantera's Party Dream was having the party of my dreams at some place called Bumrungrad in Bangkok, which they kept calling "Bang Makok." I didn't really know what kind of a place Bumrungrad was supposed to be, and when I arrived for the show it looked like a cross between a Buddist Temple and a swinger's lounge. There were a few doctors in the audience as well, and they were dressed in their standard surgeon's smocks.

I remember that during the show, Gil kept begging someone to "Bang Makok in my Bumrungrand." When he finally found his way over to the table with the surgeons, they strapped him to the table and started shouting about an emergency operation to make such a maneuver possible. I couldn't see what was being done, but after the show was over, I talked to Gil and he said that he now no longer had a Makok to Bang, but that I could have it if I wanted it. He held up a glass jar with a pickle inside, and shoved it into my arms before running off to molest a nurse. I remember he was wearing one of those robes with a flap open in the back. It was at about this time that I awoke in a sweat.

It wasn't until after I'd gone down to get some breakfast the next morning with Ivan that I overheard someone talking about going to Bumrungrad to have a sex-change operation. It's apparently a hospital in Bangkok with some amount of fame as being a place where people go to have their bodies altered.

So would someone in Seattle please tell me how the concert was? Try not to make me feel too sad that I didn't cancel my trip to Thailand.

EDIT: As part of the semi-annual "other people write my LJ for me while I'm gone on vacation" prank, this entry is a total work of fiction authored by drexle.
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