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The Buddha does not want to see your knees

Hope nobody was worried about me! I'm all un-jet-lagged now. I'm not caught up on sleep, and I won't be until about four days after I'm back home, from the looks of things. But I'm having a Thaitastic time!

Seeing lots of the local sights. (They sure have a lot of things out here!) Got a chance to see Wat Phra Kaew, an old-school Buddhist temple.

Helpful hint to Australian tourists: If you go to Rome, you can walk around temples to Mars and Jupiter in your shorts and take pictures and chat it up. There are no priests of Jupiter who'll get in the least offended.

Similarly, if you go to Teotihuacan, feel free to walk all over the pyramids any old time. You won't interupt any Zapotec high masses.

But there really are Buddhists in Thailand! In Thailand, Buddhist temples are not just pretty places for tourists to pose in front of.

In particular, Buddhist monks are big on the whole body-modesty thing. Yes, I know that that exchange student in college told you that the nudity taboo is just a Western puritan neurosis and other cultures are much more healthy about the human body. Please believe me: He was bullshitting you. He just wanted to see your boobies!

So when you're visiting an honest-to-Gautama Buddhist temple, please, don't wear shorts. Yes, Thailand is hot and humid. (Forecast for Thursday: High 95°, low 79°, scattered thunderstorms.) Feel free to wear light summerweight trousers. But have them go all the way down, please!

(And it wouldn't kill you to wear long sleeves, either.)

If your body is in one of the more mainstream configurations, the good monks of Wat Phra Kaew will actually rent you a pair of trousers. But if you're hard to fit, please, bring along a pair of your very own.

There's more I want to write (the banana does not stick to the wall! and what is that elephant doing in the street?), but it's getting on towards three AM in the mysterious east. Not gonna promise when the next update will be. I'm being a good girl and not getting into trouble. If you're dropping by Thailand in the next couple of weeks, say hi!

EDIT: As part of the semi-annual "other people write my LJ for me while I'm gone on vacation" prank, this entry is a total work of fiction authored by shoutingboy.
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