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Okay, so Washington is about to make bestiality a criminal offense, largely because of certain events in Enumclaw last year. So mesmerizing was the "death by horse-fucking" story that it was the most popular news story of the -year- at the Seattle Times website (take that, Paris Hilton).

If you need background, read the article where Mudede finds horse sex worthy of commentary even if there's no easy way to make Hegel allusions about it. Actually, this is a rare Mudede piece that I liked, making me think The Stranger should re-assign him to the farm life and agriculture beat.

Cynics might say that outlawing bestiality is just crass political posturing, because it's not like there's a pro-horsefucking lobby that's gonna vocally protest this one, and animal cruelty laws probably cover any actual abuse someone might be doing to their livestock or pets. One wonders what the point of this is, other than letting legislators have that rare unanimous vote on their CVs,

According to Mudede's article, this legislation will make bestiality a Class C felony, punishable by a maximum of five years in a state prison or a $10,000 fine, or both. Considering that Mary Kay Letourneau got 89 months for having sex with a 13 year old the first time she got caught (the sentence was suspended and she did only 6 months before being released and then later getting caught being with Vili again and going back to prison), it seems a little odd that animal sex can theoretically be punished almost as strictly as adult-child sex.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I think bestiality is a pretty bad thing to do, but as Big Dick amply demonstrated, an animal can't be coerced, shamed, or threatened and always has brute force, claws, and/or teeth on its side (unless it's a fish, who are probably helpless against leering zoophiles that would molest them).

what do you think?

Poll #682350 class c felony:

Bestiality should be punished in a court of law:

not at all
the same as animal abuse/cruelty
with a less harsh sentence than animal abuse/cruelty
with a more harsh sentence than animal abuse/cruelty
with the same sentence as statutory rape
with a less harsh sentence than statutory rape
with a more harsh sentence than statutory rape
with a harsh sentence up there with rape, murder, genocide, etc.
it depends on the animal and the circumstances, or if the horse was askin' for it.

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