Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

"Get the emergency pants!" (sorta TMI, but not in the way you're thinking)

Awful morning so far.

(Note: my unhappiness has nothing to do with Valentine's Day, although this was a pretty ass thing to happen today)

So if you're going to a foreign country in a month and you have to get some semi-exotic vaccinations prior to travel, it's probably a good idea to get the shot and come back another day for the blood draw (to see if you need the MMR booster).

Unless, of course, you ENJOY fainting in the phlebotomist's chair and then puking all over yourself after coming to.

I had enough of a moment between saying "I feel nauseous" and them bringing the little curved puke tray, so that wasn't the problem. The problem was I was sitting instead of kneeling, and after filling the tray, the overflow spilled all over my skirt, which was of a non absorbent material, allowing my legs to get cold and wet as the puke soaked through. Luckily, I had my gym clothes in the car, so I was able to change and leave (after they made me lie down and rest for 15 minutes) without stinking up the car.

With the exception of once getting dehydrated and puking from that, I usually associate puking with those undergraduate overindulgences in alcohol. Now that I've puked two cups of coffee and the morning's cereal, I have to say the experience of vomiting is much more pleasant/oblivious when one is not sober and will not feel REALLY crappy until the next day. While I know I'll feel fine in a few hours, being conscious of how much you're expelling and thinking of the beleaguered nurses who will have to clean up the "drawing room*" you just soiled is sorta humiliating.

As you can probably guess, I called in sick to work after this. Even after a shower and a change of clothes, I still feel icky.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

*This always makes me think of the Victorian term, ie. "Let's retire to the drawing room for a glass of sherry", and to see it at the clinic lab makes me chuckle.
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