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Just me.

transvestite prosititutes, here we come!

Early last year, I told a friend, Teresa, that I didn't think I'd be one of those people who went to Burning Man every year (I've been the last two years in a row), because for $>1000 and almost 2 weeks vacation time, there were other exotic places in the world I'd like to see, and I can't do both in a year because of money and vacation time. She said, "Places like where?", to which I said "Vanuatu. and Thailand." She agreed that Thailand is a place that would be excellent to go to. I can't remember if she had any opinions about Vanuatu.

Last week, I got an email from her- her friend is currently living in Thailand, and she, her best friend, and her boyfriend are all going for 2 weeks in March and would me and Ivan like to go, too?

So work approved the time off, and I just gave orbitz my non-refundable hard-earned dollars. Looks like I'm committed now. It doesn't seem real yet, though I'm sure when I get my credit card bill, it will.

Unless my vacation accrual and savings accrual happen in a way I didn't previously observe, I will not be going to Burning Man this year. Which is fine- I got yer Temples and morning yoga right here. Plus, Burning Man doesn't usually have durians and transvestite prostitutes (no, I will not be bringing back either as souvenirs), much less elephants. Or elephant transvestite prostitutes.

Anyone that's been that has recommendations/ cautions, please comment.


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