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Duh revelation of the week:

Assembling Ikea furniture is probably best done when fully awake and alert, and not after returning from work and the gym after 11pm.

Now that I'm done, there's part of the diagram that still confounds me. It's on the first page, and after the Ikea Blob Guy has the word balloon where he's saying "Flat Head Screwdriver! Philips Screwdriver! Assemble! Assemble! OK!"*, there's a drawing of Ikea Blob Guy frowning on his knees with a rectangle with a cracked corner in front of him, and a big "X" over this. The drawing next to it is smiling Ikea Blob Guy with the intact rectangle on a carpet, and no "X". Obviously, these are supposed to be dos and don'ts, but I can't figure out the don't. Don't kick the corner of the box? Do not lay your Holy Ikea Product directly on the ground, as this angers Odin? Don't destroy Ikea products, unless Tyler Durden tells you to? This is only the third Ikea thing I've ever assembled, so I dunno if IBG has this cryptic admonition in ALL the assembly instructions, but I'm sure curious as to what it means.

* I don't know why I've decided IBG speaks like Dr. Bronner, but he does. At least in my world.
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