Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

NYE summary:

Dear Hippie/ Hippie-raver;

If you're going to come to a crowded house party and spend a lot of time in the cushioned cave-like chill room, would it kill you to bathe at least 2 days prior to attending the party? There is no reasonable excuse for smelling like that unless you've been lifting heavy things for hours, strenouously exercising, or you live in some place where it's always 90 degrees at the end of december, none of which is that likely to have happened to you before you arrived. You do not smell "natural". You smell "bad". Similar examples of things that are "natural" that also smell bad: cat poop, the corpse flower, durians. Do you really want to be in that group?

Also, totally unrelated, overheard at the party, said by a flamboyant gay boy with facial piercings and eyeliner:
"I know..I'm 23, which is like being dead in gay years".

What I want to know is how do "gay years" correspond to "dog years"? Also, what is the conversion to standard years for gay dogs?

Other than that, I had the required cheap champagne and midnight smooch, so on the whole, it was fine.
Tags: kids today

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