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Black people love us....

okay, so a year or so ago there was an article about the
My tivo thinks I'm gay phenomenon and trying to "fool" tivo, without it then deciding you were instead a Nazi or Ken Burns.

I don't have Tivo, but now that I got Netflix to send me a DVD of the Dave Chapelle show at the same time as the Denzel Washington 40's noir crime flick "Devil in a Blue Dress", Netflix has suddenly decided (after 24 months of me renting and rating films) that I'm black, and that I'd enjoy Tyler Perry's "I Can Do Bad All By Myself ", Richard Pryor stand-up films, and a mess of black-themed comedies I've never heard of. After reading Ebert's review of Perry's earlier film "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and seeing the fallout from black viewers angry that Rog didn't "get it", I can safely say I have no interest at all in Mr. Perry's films. I'm sorta surprised that Netflix doesn't understand that my interest in Chapelle's show
is more closely related to my interest in South Park and not an expression of my African-American-ness.

Speaking of Chapelle's Show, I passed this this establishment coming back from the East Side yesterday, and could only think of the potential TV ad:

Man 1: "Wanna get something to eat"?
Man 2: "WHAT!"
Man 1: "I said, Wanna get something to eat?"
Man 2: "WHAT!"
Man 1: "Wanna get something to eat"?
Man 2: "OH-KAY!"
Man 1: "WHAT?"
Man 2: "OH-KAY!"

Probably loses much in the typing rather than the speaking, but if you've seen the sketches, you'll remember the inflection.

Okay, off to queue up some gay chick flicks and korean sci-fi to further bewilder netflix....
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