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It's raining...

to quote Quasi:

"It's raining, it's raining - there's nothing you can do
It doesn't only rain on you
but you acting all upset
like you're the only one who's wet

It's raining, it's raining - there's nothing we can do
It's raining on me, too
You moan and you cry
But that won't affect the sky..."

For some reason, this reminds me of the song in "Down by Law" (perhaps Tom Waits' finest film performance, and definately my fave Jarmusch flick) where Bob and the Italian woman are slow dancing in the shack in the swamp. There's a rain song in that scene which is not only beautiful, but is so fitting and perfect that I can't help but think of it today.

And why am I thinking about rain? two reasons:

1) Ever since I got the job offer, it's been Pacific NW weather here. three straight days of overcast with light showers. it's like someone's trying to tell me "this is what you can expect for the next few months if you move. Still up to it?" for the most part, I am up to it.

2) an LJ friend has mentioned wistful feelings when it rains and there's no one to share the rain with. I understand this. I wonder if this is why Seattle has such the reputation of a singles' paradise; who can stay single long when you have the constant sound of rain beating against your bedroom window and the space in your bed is occupied by a cat or a void? If this isn't enough to spur the coupling urge, what is?

I'd also like to nominate Tones on Tail "Rain" in the category of "songs about rain I'd actually want to listen to when it's raining". In 50's R&B songs, rain is a metaphor for tears. Guess that's still true, but somehow the R&B songs seem more earnest; maybe because there were no corelation between gloom and Gothiness back then. back then, gloom was heartsickness, pure and simple, without a subculture lessening the impact of those songs. I have 50's singles that are more heartwrenchingly sad than any song any Goth ever composed.

That said, is Elliot Smith an honorary goth? He reminds me of the Smiths as far as cleverness with lyrics and earnest heartbreaky themes, with the added bonus that I don't think I'd want to punch out his lights if I ever met him. and he's from the NW. maybe he's my new boyfriend. Him or Dan Savage. Or possibly Calvin Johnson. Though from what I hear, there's actually a good chance Calvin would hit on me (since I'm female and breathing), so I'll leave him off the "he's totally my boyfriend" list for now.

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