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Just me.

On the absurdity of radio-edited singles:

The only place I really hear top 40 "pop music" is at the gym. I think they have Satellite radio. I guess because kids are present, they play the radio edits, rather than the album cuts, of songs with Bad Words in them.

The thing I think is funny is, if you blank out a word in the MIDDLE of a line, I don't generally notice it's missing, but if you CHANGE the word at the end of a line, it makes it way more noticable that you're trying to hide a naughty word.

The biggest offender (which I've heard like 3 times this month) by Kanye West:

"I ain't sayin' she's a golddigger
But she ain't messin' with no broke, broke unh"

(the "unh" being a sound, rather than a word)

Hmm, what rhymes with "Digger"?! I have no idea. Figure? Ligature? Ziggurat? What COULD it be?

Furthermore, I think from now on I'll say "I can't afford to go, I'm broke, broke unh", rather than the much less informative "I can't afford to go, I'm broke".

I dunno that a silence after the first "broke" would have been any better, but even my white gal self knows that theres no such noun as a "broke, broke unh". Maybe it would make more sense to release a single from the album that doesn't have censorable words in the chorus, but that's probably just me.
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