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I heart Seattle politics

Since so many people here vote by permanent absentee ballot, all the election mail is arriving now.

a sampling:

King county executive:
Ron Sims: brochure with opponent holding Bush/Cheny sign to emphasize the futility of opposing a black democrat (Sims) in liberal King County if you are a white Republican that supports the current Presidental administration.

Seattle City Council Position 2-
Richard Conlin : I opposed the monorail when it wasn't COOL to oppose the monorail, and now look at it! I am so great! And prescient! and modest!

Port of Seattle 3 candidates mailer:
Come on, The Port of Seattle is an important part of our local economy, even if it doesn't have any sexy issues like strip club regulations. You care about this race, we know you do, hey, where are you going, no, keep reading this!

Seattle City Council Position 6-
Nick Licata: I'm so popular that I bet you can't even name my opponent, much less consider voting for him/her, so I will briefly summarize my accomplishments and then use the rest of this postcard to give you my "Licata Frittata" recipe.

You think I'm kidding on the last one. Nope. That's what I love about Licata- he's a bit flippant for a politician, especially for an unrepentant lefty politician.
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