Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Finished reading Ian Johnstone's Nick Cave biography a few days ago, and have been inspired to listen to Nick's entire oevure en masse. Spent the weekend listening to Boys Next Door and Birthday Party; am surprised to discover I lack "Mutiny/The Bad Seed". Next up, I'll listen to all the solo records, most likely in order, but unfortunately, I've loaned the bio to April and don't have access to the handy chronological discography. ah well, I think I know the order for the most part.

Cheryl has a pair of white kittens I'm seriously considering adopting. would bring me up to 4 cats, but apparently they come as a set and thus I can't choose just one. it's okay, because they're so adorable together that I don't think I'd mind having both.

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