Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Best jury duty ever!

Murderous gang of 400-pound armed Samoans on the loose in King County!

Seriously guys, it's time to panic, since there may be as many as
30 of them AND they hang out with two whites, a couple of blacks, one Native American and, a "transgendered individual", so no one is safe. Especially not your parents.

I know the Darwin Awards doesn't yet have a category for "Someone who deserves to go to prison, whether guilty or not, for having such a profoundly misinformed view of the American court system and the value of Public Defenders, most likely gained from watching too much TV", but I think we have a strong contender for a lifetime achivement in Mr. Phadnis.

I smell an "incompetent counsel" appeal in the years to come.
Tags: kids today, schadenfreude

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