Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

disaster preparedness:

While you're stockpiling water, canned foods, batteries and beer, here's something else to remember to have on hand before the big one:

A recent photo where you don't look drunk or blurry.

I mean seriously,is this what your loved ones picture when they think of you? Or this? "This is a picture of a missing adult who was last known to be at Touro Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. She may have difficulty communicating....because of her frequent habit of apparating between worlds". On a sadder note, it appears that famed car muffler customiziation enthusiast Bubb Rubb has been mysteriously renamed and transported from Oakland to New Orleans and is now missing.

Please, make sure the people that want you back don't have to use a cropped party pic taken at the moment someone said something unspeakable rude because you left them no other photos to choose from. Take a digital photo while not drunk, at a wedding, or on vacation and send it to 3 people who will be the ones looking for you when the big whatever happens. It will make looking for you that much easier. Unless, of course, you're planning to be drunk or at a prom in the event of your city's evacuation.

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