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Should I become a Tacoman?

1) a person living in Tacoma is a Tacoma-n, which looks like Taco-man. huh-huh, tacos. yeah.
2) close to Seattle but I wouldn't have to commute into Seattle to work.
3) No snow to speak of.
4) I have no ex-boyfriends, or enemies, in Washington State.
5) Pacific coast has way more Asian culture than Ohio. I would again be around people who know how to pronounce the name of the Vietnamese noodle dish "Pho" properly.
6) I would be a cheap shuttle flight's distance from SF, and driving distance to Portland.
7) Area supposed to be gorgeous as all get out and have nature and mountains and shit.
8) Casual attitude of area means jeans are acceptable work attire, even for professionals (the Director explicitly told me jeans are okay, I'm not just extrapolating). Most libraries do not allow jeans, except maybe on casual Fridays.
9) Grunge is dead, and they've possibly caught the Green River Killer, so those twin menaces are no longer a threat.
10) Library and most of town is Union. Having worked in non-Union, non-civil service jobs under arbitrary and capricious management, I am generally pro-union.
11) Fresh seafood (mmmm Crab and Salmon) + Asians = kickass sushi (most likely)
12) no state income tax
13) the job is willing to cut me a lot of slack regarding start date. End of Februrary has been tenatively okayed and gives me 2 months to get stuff in order.

the Cons:

1) I have never been there before and have no real clue if I'd like it. I'm planning to visit before formally accepting the job, but it'd suck to go thru all the psychic stress of getting ready to move only to discover I don't like the job or the town.
2) Salary is basically a lateral move; with cost of living differences, I'll prolly be making less in "real money".
3) As you might guess from my shoe count, I'm not exactly the ZenMaster type. I have A LOT of stuff to either ditch or move. Moving my possessions cross country (again!) is going to be a huge ordeal, even if I take the plunge and hire movers to drive it all there.
4) I know NO ONE in Washington State. Not a soul. I'd really be starting from scratch in the friends and interpersonal relationships arena. Although I'm assuming that like SF, Seattle is populated with fewer "Group Fives" (see my November 19th post about the Bad Party for explanation of Group 5) and more "Group Phibes" (a term lemur68 and I coined, since she exemplifies the antithesis of Group 5 and the wordplay pleased us).
5)Geographically close to my arch-nemeses the Canadians. They walk among us, ya know.
6) Rainy and dark. Will this bother me after the novelty of no harsh winters has passed, or send me into a seasonallyl triggered depression? Who can tell?
7) Economy up there is dicey. Boeing left, dot-coms like Amazon are suffering, there's a recession in general, etc. The Director could not give me a 100% guarantee that after a year of working there, some evil shit wouldn't happen with the city budget and I'd be laid off. 80-95% guarantee, yes, but she wanted to alert me to the possibility that if the budget is cut by the city government, the last one hired (me) might be let go. Not a big concern, but something to consider.
8) What if the Green River Killer suspect they've arrested is the wrong guy? That would mean he's still out there!
9)This would be my -third- 2000+ mile cross country move since 1994. They seem to be going in 3-4 year cycles. I'm getting a bit old for this shit; peers at work are buying houses, and I'm gonna uproot -again-? When 2006 rolls around, will I stay put? Or findmyself on the East Coast.
10) There's at least one person in Columbus I'd miss terribly if I left. Other friends I would miss, sure, but not enough to stop me from leaving if it was the right thing to do. Not that this person would be enough to keep me here, either, but it is a consideration.
11) My lease is up at the end of May. Unless the new landlord (the bldg was sold a few months ago) is cool and would let me leave with 2 months notice, I'd be eating the deposit for breaking the lease. Unless I do that "don't pay last months rent and move while he's doing the eviction procedure" thing, but that might fuck things up with my future landlord in Tacoma. And even if I get the landlord to agree in writing to let me out of the lease with advance notice, he could keep my deposit anyway, and I'd be so far away it'd be difficult to sue him in small claims court. (Westcoaster, any particular advice here?)
12) The library I'd be working at isn't as well funded as the one I work at now, and I might be disappointed by it in comparison. A quick look at their online catalog on the web shows some gaping holes/ spareness in the book collection. I really do like the job I have now; it's just Columbus I hate. It may be a weird thing to say that you like your job so much that it's a factor in not moving, but hey, chalk it up to one of my many old fashioned attitudes.
13) Tourists. Not in Tacoma per se, but I've gotten out of the habit of dealing with middle aged buffoons from Omaha in matching T-shirts asking me which is the best seafood restaurant at Fisherman's Wharf (Answer:none of them. go to North Beach or PJ's Oysterbed instead). In Columbus, there are no tourists, and everyone here over 30 has lived here for most of their lives and has endless stories about Crazy Mama's. Actually, maybe the tourists are preferable...

Okay, peeps...advice? I'd be crazy to do it, or crazy not to?

and I'm not really worried about the Green River Killer. much.

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