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not as good as drexle's.....

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1.~How did you meet plymouth? at an artcar event in Texas, where neither of us lived.
2.~What would you do if you had never met palecur? know a lot less about Abdela Bucherem (sp?)
3.~What do you honestly think of lemur68? needs more cowbell.
4.~Would or did seattlesque and agentcooper go out? not unless one of them is gay.
5.~Have you ever liked mad_eponine? He wouldn't be on my friends list otherwise, would he?
6.~If jodymeme died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need him/her to know? uh, don't die tomorrow? this question is dumb.
7.~Would redrider and tawnyarocks make a good couple? their sig. others probably wouldn't think so.
8.~Describe kittokat in 3 words: Best Friends Forever.
9.~Do you think dirtylibrarian is hot? sure.
10.~Would jodymeme and treebyleaf make a lovely couple? doubtful.
11.~What do you think of when you see agentcooper? his Dale Cooper lj icon.
12.~Tell me something humiliating about tawnyarocks: couldn't you just read her LJ yourself if you wanted dirt?
13.~Do you know any of ronebofh's family members? only his wife, brother, and sister-in-law.
14.~What's treebyleaf's favorite color? who knows?
15.~On a scale of 1-10 how cute is shoutingboy? only a 2. oh, wait, you said "cute", not "gay". my mistake.
16.~What would you do if holyoutlaw just professed their undying love for you? probably get beaten up by JulieBata.
17.~What language does seattlesque speak? english
18.~Who is nonofastbinder going out with? Jared's couch.
19.~Is qvalentine a boy or a girl? a girl, definitely. is this a trick question?
20.~Would jtemperance and holyoutlaw make a good couple? no
21.~Who do you think carapace_green would be great with from this list? she's married, I refuse to speculate.
22.~When was the last time you talked to dirtylibrarian? last week.
23.~What is mad_eponine's favorite band? The Oak Ridge Boys, going by the last cassette he purchased.
24.~Does redrider have any siblings? dunno.
25.~Would you ever date ronebofh? married, n/a.
26.~Would you ever date kittokat? female, n/a.
27.~Is carapace_green single? nope.
28.~What is treebyleaf's last name? can't remember
29.~What is jtemperance's middle name? starts with a K, but don't know.
30~What is lemur68's fantasy? a 4-way with Sleater-Kinney, I'm guessing.
31.~Where does qvalentine live? in Ohio last I checked. But she's definately a girl.
32.~Would you make out with plymouth? sure, why not?
33.~Are palecur and ronebofh best friends? hahahaha! oh, I am certain of it.
34.~Does kittokat like treebyleaf? they've never met.
35.~How did you meet jtemperance? on The List That Cannot Be Named.
36.~Is dirtylibrarian older than you? nope
37.~Is treebyleaf the sexiest person alive? no, that's Jon Stewart.

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