Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

I am da bomb! Also, I am in shock.

well, that'll teach me to negatively evaluate my mad skillz, yo.

approximately 4 hours after the conclusion of the 10 question phone interview, they called to offer me the job.


I don't know if I'm gonna take it yet. It's in Tacoma (AKA Seattle area), and I don't know anything yet about when it starts, how soon I'd have to be there, how much rent is, where to live, etc. But to be back on the Pacific Coast...ah.

I will post a more pros and cons type thinking outloud thing later, maybe tomorrow. now I must go to the Dube to drink, because I've been on such an adreneline high since I got the news that I will have no way of sleeping without the wonderful depressive powers of booze.

I guess putting up the curtain rod helped after all, even if I was afraid that the shoe-deaccessioning counteracted it. :-)

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