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Just me.

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Discuss: [Aug. 4th, 2005|05:02 pm]
Just me.
(inspired by das_prompt's recent post)

Many subcultures are baffling and/or inspire derision (Anime otokus, goths, furries, etc), but any subculture that all members outgrow before 30 or that has no members over 30 is probably actually indefensibly stupid. The only ones that come to mind so far are 1) rabid screaming fans of boy bands 2) Juggalos.

Any others? Anyone wanna offer a spirited defense of Juggalo culture?

[User Picture]From: mad_eponine
2005-08-05 10:12 am (UTC)
You can't forget these chumps. My high school years were spent fending off the 95% of the population who could have been described as such... and I wasn't anywhere near the Jersey shore. And now they've persisted into the Aughts! Still, though, that site amuses me to no end.

As for Juggalos... enh, they keep to themselves unlike the LaRouchies... they don't want to impose their metaphysical will upon me unlike charismatics and evangelicals... and they don't aim to carve big chunks out of the bleedin' heart I wear on my leftist sleeve unlike those save-the-children and washPIRG fools. These other groups, though, do have members over 30. Perhaps that's the problem: their members get older but the wisdom, she does not come and, thus, the indefensible stupidity blossoms.

In any case, I'll take Juggalos over Dominionists anyday...
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