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Youth culture killed my dog- twice!

In 1947, how many 19 year olds were running around in Flapper dresses, bobbing their hair and doing the Charleston? In 1950, do you think many teens owned and wore Zoot suits when they went to the park?

Their parents, who'd already lived through these fads in their OWN youth, would have laughed their asses off if their kids started dressing 20 years behind the times every day.

So please explain why there are STILL 20-year old mohawked punkers in combat boots and studded leather jackets (in the park, in July) almost -30- years after the first punks started going to Sex Pistols gigs? This look was a decade old when I was in high school, and kids are still enthusiastically wearing it? Is there no other way to visually express that you like loud and fast music and dislike authority? Isn't it weird to follow a Youth Culture Fashion Statement who's trailblazers are now pushing FIFTY?!

I'm not trying to be Old Grouchy Lady, I just don't get how The Uniform has lasted this long with almost no variation. It's not even like it made a comeback- it never went away. I was a teen in the late 80's and (unfortunately) remember legwarmers, belting untucked button-down shirts, and asymetrical haircuts. We'd certainly laugh at a 15 year old today dressed liked they just walked off the set of "Valley Girl" or "Flashdance"- why aren't we laughing at the Punk Rock Uniform when worn by kids who don't even remember life before Compact Discs?
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