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well, that sucks

So maybe I don't have an interview on Friday. Get home today (Monday) at 8pm (ran some errands after work); there's a msg from the HR woman on my machine saying that Friday is no good for "the panel" and can we possibly do the phone interview tomorrow? This is bad on so many levels:

1) I arranged this interview with HR woman over 2 weeks ago (thus mom thinking it had already happened). She had suggested Tuesday in the first place, I said it was not good, and said, but I'm off -all day- on Friday, how about then?. She tenatatively agreed, said she'd call the week of to confirm. Calling 4 days before to cancel would have been pushing it (she's had like 9-12 workdays to ask "the panel" if Friday is good), but trying to reschedule for the next day is asinine.

2) I told her when she suggested Tuesday in the first place that it was a bad day for me, since I work 1-9pm then, and there's no place I can talk at work in the afternoon privately and without interruption. the time she wants to do it that's convienient for their time zone is waay inconvieient for me. If they wanted to do it where I could take off time from work by going in late or leaving early, fine, but I need more than -12- fucking hours notice to arrange that.

3) If she calls me tomorrow morning trying to arrange a interview for later that day, I'm gonna have to say no. One, I'm not fully prepared. Two, I have to be out on the front lines working with the public at 1pm (which is 10 in the interviewer's time zone), and to accomodate the interview people, I'd have to be a no-show at work. I'm sure it'd come back to bite me in the ass if I blew off my current job by calling in the day of to say," uh, I'll be late, get someone to cover me" in order to court a new employer. It's like asking your boyfriend to drive you by the house of the cuter guy you're gonna dump him for.

4) I -hate- these pressure situations. I got the impression from her msg that if I can't do it tomorrow, my chances of arranging another interview are compromised. Part of me is thinking, well, fuck, if you're that inconsiderate of -my- time that not only do you break our date, but you pressure me to reschedule on a day you already know is bad for me, then screw you, you don't deserve an employee like me if this is how you operate. Again, using the date analogy, an interview is so we can both fall in love with each other. I am not a fanboy to your Xena who has but one chance to get your attention before you cruelly crush me and move to your next admirer. I gots mad skillz, yo. But the other part of me says who knows why they're being like this; they could have a good reason. Maybe someone's sick/just got jury duty/ quitting/ in labor and it's fucked their schedule up. I can be understanding in that case, but I still don't like this "oh by the way, how's tomorrow" ambush.

And in another cheery note, while researching this place, I found this:


A Tacoma, Washington, patron expressed shock in a February 12 Tacoma News Tribune letter to the editor at finding syringe-disposal units on the walls of library restroom stalls, directly below signs asking people to "deposit used needles in the small box."

Tacoma Public Library officials later heard directly from a half-dozen callers, some of whom said they had either heard radio personality Dr. Laura Schlessinger or others on Seattle talk radio read the letter. The callers expressed outrage that the library was "encouraging drug use in the library" by installing the units, TPL Community Relations Officer David Domkoski told American Librarics. Revealing that people had more than once clogged toilets by discarding syringes there, he emphasized that the boxes were purchased because "we have a
responsibility to keep our patrons and staff safe."

TPL Director Susan Odencrantz responded in a February 16 News Tribune guest editorial to the complaints. Explaining that 19 syringes had been recovered from the boxes since they were installed in early January, she stated, "We would rather see used syringes disposed of in tamper-proof disposal units than in wastepaper baskets, on bathroom floors, in sinks." Odencrantz also wrote that surveillance cameras had been placed in rest-room entryways to discourage illicit activity.

Source: American Libraries, Apr2001, Vol. 32 Issue 4, p32, 1/3p

While I applaud their forward-thinking harm-reduction strategy, I'm just trying to imagine what it's like to work around patrons that like to visit the library whilst on heroin. At least they're probably somewhat docile.

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