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Plate of Taylors

I'm pulling duplicates and unwanted LPs into a pile for a potential blowout garage sale later this summer. So I'm listening to a bunch of old stuff, either to determine which copy I wanna keep, or in the case of non-dups, if I want it at all.

Both my copies of the first Duran Duran LP (each bought in a thrift or $1 bin at a used record store) has a skip at the same point in "Planet Earth". Is it a coincidence, or a mastering fluke? And then that makes me think, What if Steve Albini had recorded the Seft titled Duran Duran lP, rather than 'Colin Thurston' (whoever that is)?

Also, something vaguely related to the cover art of "Rio", but not really: What kind of graphics did hair salons use in their windows before Patrick Nagel became popular in the early 80's? When you see them still in use now, are they old relics, or is there a print shop out there still churning these out? In 2005, would you get your hair styled at a place with a lavender and black Nagel chick as part of their decor?

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