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Naked Cycling Report, or Kiss my black ass!

I can say that this week, because the paint itself is off my body, but the pigment/ dye refuses to come off, even with multiple soapings. My arms and legs are also tinted black- hopefully not for long. The red came right off, though.

It's conceited to say we had the best costume of all the cyclists, but we totally did. Kids loved us. If there's one paint job that looks perfect on a blonde middle-aging guy with a belly, it's this one. There were very few people who didn't immediately get the concept, and a couple of the photosites I've seen said we were the favorite costume this year. So here are the pics:

there are pre-parade photos here (Mildly not safe for work, nothing porno, but plenty of nakedness ): http://pics.livejournal.com/lara7/gallery/00006c8y

here's some shots of us compiled by my fellow Incredible:

I might have more to say later, but I'm still catching up on sleep from Solstice + Artcar weekend. For now, my black ass is going to bed.

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