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Phone interview for the job in Tacoma in 5 days. I haven't prepared at all. In fact, I've never had a phone interview before, so I'm kinda weirded out. At least I don't need to get a haircut or iron my shirt or anything, but not having visual cues to follow is gonna be hard. And I hope to god they aren't using a crappy speakerphone, having random people talk at me without identifying themselves.

I guess mom missunderstood when I said "interview in two fridays" weeks ago, because this weeknd she asked me how it went. Uh, not yet, mom. But then again, she also asked me if I had emailed a friend of the family I haven't seen in 20 years to get the inside scoop on the area. I had to remind her that said friend lives in Portland, not Seattle, and thus is unlikely to have any useful insight. I swear, I think mom wants this for me even more than I do!

I don't believe in magic, and I'm not superstitious, but I do believe in some sort of chaos "the universe likes to fuck with you" type of "order". In the past, big life changes, especially moves, have been predicated by me doing something that is counter-intuitive to moving. Examples:

Purchasing a large collection (50+) 16mm films in SF; a few weeks later I discovered I'd be moving to Ohio. Had I known I'd be moving, I might have passed on them, thus having less to pack. But it'd have been stupid to dump them only weeks after getting them, so I kept them (still have 'em) and laughed at the irony. Before I moved out of LFXB's house, I'd also done some round-the-house and yard improvements that I wasn't around very long to enjoy. There are other examples, but you get what I mean.

So I've been thinking that, maybe my getting rid of the CDs and books (and shoes) I don't need in anticipation of moving is the -wrong- thing to do if I want to move. The way things have gone in the past, if I want to move soon, I should work on settling in instead of paring down my possessions! I need to put up posters, display all my postcards on the blank wallspace in the kitchen, install that curtain rod in the bedroom...in short, pretend like I'm gonna be here long enough to make time investments in beautifying my surroundings. That's the sure way to get a job offer!

Actually, the fact that I live alone and will be eating a big deposit if I leave before april is also a factor in my chances, I think. Chaos-theory wise, chances are good that I'd get an offer in january, where I could delay starting the job til february, but would still not be close enough to see the lease thru to the end. If I applied for a job in february, I will most certainly not be lucky enough to have an offer coincide with the end of my lease.

okay. off to take a shower, and then put up posters and curtains as preparation for my interview. :-) Wish me luck.

oh, and if anyone out there has LJ friends in Seattle/tacoma/Oly who might like to give me a heads up about daily life there, please pass along the URL to this entry. I thought about searching geographical interests, but given that the avg age of people on LJ seems to be 17, it would probably be a waste of time to ask random kids about landlords, leases, and rent control issues. Plus, theres something kinda stalker-y about emailing complete strangers. Incomplete strangers, on the other hand....{g}

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