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stormy weather

Storm knocked out power on my block wednesday night, which I discovered after and evening of Gym and Restaurant meal. Figuring if it was out at 10pm, it might not be back on by morning, I went to a pal's house for the evening to enjoy internet, reading light, and hot shower.

Didn't turn on the computer Thursday evening, and Friday discovered cable modem is dead. I mean dead as in the little lights don't even come on. So except for work and friend's houses, I am without the internet(s) until Sunday afternoon when the cableman comes. 3 days without email- it's like living in 1993!

In other electricity related news, someone stole a belt sander and sheet sander from my garage that I thought was locked, but apparently wasn't. The thieves left the garage door ajar, basically inviting subsequent thieves to steal other stuff. No one stole my lawnmower, weedwhacker, circular saw, or either of the 2 bicycles (one good, one a teenage "banana seat" bike that's coated in Burning man dust). The thieves also failed to steal the new belts for the sander, the sheets for the palm sander, or the sawdust bag for the beltsander. Which leads me to the paranoid conclusion- maybe it's one of my neighbors, tired of hearing the noise from me sanding that door I've been refinishing for months now...maybe it's a passive-aggressive way of getting me to stop?

Thieves have not stolen the howling beagles across the alley, though, so maybe noise is not a motive for the theft.
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