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Step 1: we admitted we were powerless to stop buying shoes....

lemur said "All that aside, though. Lara has got a stoopid mad ridiculous number of shoes" after counting about 40 pairs in my house, spread among 2 rooms. He didn't know about 3 pair of sandals in a closet or the 2 pair of boots in another closet. And until orobouros mentioned them, I'd also forgotten I owned 3 pair of bowling shoes, hidden in a (thrifted, like the shoes) bowling bag.

So the final count is (gulp) 49, 55 if you count the bowling shoes and bedroom slippers.

If you wanna slow down and look at the carwreck, the fullsized pic is here.

These are the "I never have an occasion to wear these, but they're too cool to give up" shoes. You probably can't see the shiny patent-pleatheresque stripper/bettie page heels in the back, but they definitely fit that category.

I'm partially ashamed at my shoe lust, but partially proud that not counting the slippers (all 3 pairs were gifts), in the 15 years I've acquired all these shoes, I've only bought maybe 6 pairs new. almost all of these are thrifted, garage saled, or in rare cases, bought from a vintagey-resale shop. Is it wrong to be so aquisitive if you're only spending $3-$6 on avg per pair?

And even though we all hate these damn things, I think it was somewhat appropriate that even though the Evil Criminal test has no question about shoes, guess who I am?

I am now going upstairs to choose my 5 least favorite pairs to de-accession. And I promise not to buy any more shoes for the rest of the year.

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