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Grooving in the nude, with Dr. Robert Moog (and his pants)

Oooh, can you tell from the subject line I'm on a Momus kick?

Two new people added me as friends this week, and both have user names that start with "O". Ooohh, veddy sceddy! And it gets better: oboe_sama has got a stoopid mad ridiculous number (to quote lemur) of friends, but none of them are shared with me. He found me thru the interest bachelor pad music, and attends school where I have some pictures hiding on a server. And the first post I read of his after adding him? it's about (drumroll please!) PANTS!!!


although it's odd: for as much as I like the word PANTS, I've hardly ever posted about PANTS (except to make fun of a certain pair, and those PANTS totally deserved it). So a brief PANTS interlude:

There's an LJ user called PANTS, but she hasn't posted in over a year and her Journal isn't too exciting besides.
436 LJ users list PANTS as an interest, including my pal tinymammoth, who I infected with the PANTSmeme back in 1996-7, and LJ mascot Frank the goat, who has the best bio ever:

Bio: I am eating pants.
Pants, sing the praises of pants!
I wear a mullet.

Actually Frank seems to mention PANTS in almost every post. Ah, I can only aspire to Frankitude!

These users have PANTS in their names and list PANTS as an interest: BoomMonkeyPants, BraksPants, hooraypants, mrpants, pantsman, pantznazi.

okay, and now for the second "O" friend (and you thought I'd forgotten in my PANTS-induced delirium!):

orobouros flattered my record collection, immediately winning him points in my book: hey, Oro, how'd you find me, anyway? Orobouros has excellent (ie: frighteningly similar to mine) taste in obscuro-cult-culture (Bruce Haack, Joel Peter Witkin, Neubauten, David Cronenberg, Scott Walker) and has apparently lived in Columbus at some point in the past. Assuming that you're not really my least favorite ex-boyfriend in disguise (The kahiki, The Prisoner, Russ Meyer?!? You guys could be twins!), welcome aboard. Now please tell everyone how many pairs of shoes you own.

I'm going to wait a day before I post the shoe answer. I re-counted, because lemur missed a few pairs that were in the closet. I think I'm like a chocoholic, except for shoes. I think admitting that I have a problem is the first step to recovery. But in the spirit of taking it one day at a time, I'll post my confession tomorrow.

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