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Hola Amigos! I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya...

..as Jim Anchower would say.

So, Thanksgiving: Me and lemur went to Cleveland to see the Dismemberment Plan, then to Chicago to see the Poster Children and the D Plan again. Interestingly enough, I'd been on a mailing list with one of the Dplan members for quite some time before I'd ever heard/heard of his band; it wasn't until lemur said "you would like them" that I ever listened to them. and I did end up liking them. Anyway, I got to do that fun thing that you get to do when you know who someone is and they know who you are but don't know what you look like:

Me: "So you guys are from DC, huh?"
Him: Yeah.
Me: "So what can you tell me about guy's butt (in-joke from said list)?
Him: {Astonished glance, recovers quickly}: Wait a minute...

And then I introduced myself. I so rarely get the opportunity to prank people like that anymore, and he was a good sport about it. and both shows were excellent.

Pkids are more lemur's thing; while I thought they put on a good show, having only heard one or two of their records in the past probably made me less enthusiastic than most of the crowd. They had incredible energy for a band that's been around as long as they have (huh huh, they're old, huh huh), and the faithful seemed to especially dig it. The show was at the famed Empty Bottle which I'd never been to. And right nearby was a bar with one of these signs:

yes, the Old Style signs are everywhere in Chicago, but less common (though certainly the coolest) are the Old Styles signs that say "Cold Beer" in Polish! My friend Philip (who lives in Chi) once thought about calling a band "Zimne Piwo", because people in Chicago would say "I've heard of that somewhere" even if they didn't consciously recall seeing it on Old Style signs.

And the other fun thing that happened: Went to Reckless with some vinyl to sell, including a crappy old live Sex Pistols record that had been given to me by Lori when she moved to Cali. While the clerk is evaluating my stack of vinyl for worthwhileness, some guy approachs me and says "I'll give you $10 for that Sex Pistols LP". Score! It's in near mint condition because it's such a muddy, crappy recording that it can't have been listened to much, but he seemed to really want it. maybe he's just gonna sell it on Ebay, but I don't care, because it's one less crappy record in my house for me to deal with. Given the sum involved (had I gotten only $3 trade for it I'd prolly not bothered), I did the right thing and mailed a check to Lori.

And even though this happened before Thanksgiving, I'm including it at the end, just because:

Wednesday before thanksgiving I come home from werk to find a bewildered voice on my answering machine. Apparently, a job I applied for at the end of September was finally calling me back, and since it had been so long (2 months!) since'd I'd applied, I hadn't thought about changing my msg to something informative, rather than a cryptic computer generated set of sentences about pants. Anyway, the upshot of the story is that in a week and a half I (along with 9 other people) have a phone interview for a library job in the Seattle area. I'm trying not to get too excited, because even if this goes well, I still have the further hurdle of flying out there (at my expense) for a real interview, and then the yuck of moving cross country again if I get and accept the job, but I'm happy nonetheless. I've never been to Seattle and know not a soul there, but on the upside, it'd be that whole fresh-start reinvent-your-life-if-you-wanna opportunity.

The supercool Ego-stroking part is that even though it took them 2 months to call me (which might be a "Danger! You don't want to work here! sign), it now stands that since September, I've only applied for 2 jobs, and I now have a 50% call-back rate on my resumes! which makes me think I'm doing something right, work wise, at least.

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