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The follies of youth vs. longevity

The Challenge: Name a band/solo artist you liked in High school, who is still releasing music now, who you still enjoy as they (and you) have matured.

The conditions:

1) You must have graduated from High School in 1995 or earlier to play. Sorry to any young whippersnappers, but the 10 year mark is important because tastes change and bands break up, and that's the whole point of the exercise.

2) Bands you name must have been releasing music and/or touring consistently from your high school years to now, without any breaks of longer than 3 years. Exceptions can be made for bands that have been around that long who regularly take over 3-4 years to make records (The Beastie Boys are a great example here, and Tom Waits took off 6 years between Black Rider and Mule Variations), but any one on a 4+ year hiatus  (Guns 'n' Roses, anyone?) with no new material is excluded.

3) You had to be aware and a fan of the band when you were in High School. Do I adore Tom Waits now? Yes. Was he recording when I was in High School? Yes. Was I a fan at that time? I wish, but no. Therefore, I cannot count Tom Waits for this contest.

4) You must have purchased/taped/burned one of the artists last 3 albums AND still listen to it and like it for the artist to count. For example, if you name David Bowie as an artist you liked then and now, you must possess, listen to, and enjoy either "Hours", "Heathen" or "Reality" (his last 3 albums from 1999 to now. If you don't own any of these, you aren't "still a fan", you merely liked Bowie when he didn't suck).

Under these conditions, I had a hard time. The only ones I can name for sure is Einsturzende Neubauten; I bought Strategies against Architecture in about 1986, and I've bought (and still listen to) at least 2 of their last 3 records ("ende neu", "Silence is Sexy"  and "Strategies III", which is a comp, but still) and Marc Almond, of whom I'm the only straight non-fag-hag fan outside of the UK. I cannot count the Cramps, because I haven't listened to a record of theirs since 1990's "Stay Sick", which still was disappointing. Don't even ask me about "Flamejob" (1994)  or "Look Mom no Head" (1991) , which I'm sure I've heard but have never bothered to acquire.

And you?
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