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I saw something at the sex shop that horribly offended me

Saturday was Brides of March, which I may write about later if I feel like it. However, here are my photos from it:


One of the places the Brides went was the Castle Superstore, which does not allow photography*, or I would have documented the following. Castle is like the Wal-mart of porn: well-lit, large inventory, but appealing to a broad demographic without too many "niche" items (well, for a sex shop, at least).

But I saw something there that offended even me:

They had signs for "Pussys" and "Strap-on's".

How can you work in the rubber vagina industry and not know the plural of pussy is "pussies"? At least the sign for "dongs" was correct and didn't advertise "dong's". And don't get me started on the power exchange implications of "Belonging to strap-on", which is the accurate reading of "Strap-on's".

I told my pal about this, and today she sent me an email:

I thought of you today when I was looking at a professional skate equipment site that was selling clothing that included "short's."

If I ever turn into "serial mom", dispatching people for minor societal infractions, one guess who will be the victims. I'm sorry, I mean victim's.

*Hooters, however, does allow photography. If you must visit a Hooters, I recommend doing it with a group of cross-dressed men in bridal gowns.
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