Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Things I've done people on my friends list probably haven't:

1) Worked at posh London department store Harrod's for a summer.
2) Had an article published in "Cool and Strange Music" magazine (and even got paid for it).
3) Visited both New Vrindaban, WV (Krsna's Palace of Gold) and the Maharishi University/Golden Dome in Fairfield, Iowa.
4) Had a solo art show (at a coffee shop) consisting only of "re-assigned" paint by numbers paintings I'd done.
5) been the subject of an Associated Press photo that got published across the country.
6) had sex on a golf course (city owned, not a country club/private one)
7) played clarinet in a punk polka band
8) moved cross-country 3 times in 8 years.
9) Turned 30 on Mardi Gras day* and threw a small unannounced sidewalk parade downtown to celebrate, complete with costumes, throws, and floats (shopping carts and other decorated small wheeled things).
10) Officiated a legally-binding wedding as a minister of the Universal Life Church.

(* like Easter, the date of Mardi gras moves around every year, though it's always a Tuesday. I've shared my birthday with Mardi Gras only once in my life thus far. Since the future dates online only show up until my 86th birthday and it's concievable I could live longer than that AND the holiday might fall on my birthday sometime after I turn 86, there may be another MG birthday in my future. But it seems pretty unlikely. )

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