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shoutingboy - "kids today"

I pretty much only interact with kids at the library and at the gym (where they giggle in the sauna while I'm trying to relax), but I think we've come full circle from "Children should be seen and not heard" to "Children's opinions, desires, and actions should be considered as equally valid as those of adults", which is bullshit. Sure, teenagers are "young adults", but there's a reason we don't let them vote, enlist, or marry until reaching age 18- a "cooling off period" in which they've (probably) left high school. I am particularly amused/annoyed by teens that automatically assume anyone over 30 has the same intelligence and/or technical abilities as their 70+ year old infirm grandparents, ie, you aren't young, therefore you have no life, hobbies, desires, or indeed, abilities. The bright side is you can easily floor them by showing off your knowledge of famous tattoo artists, underground cartoonists, punk bands, or networking protocols after they assume you to be culturally on par with Carol Brady.

rjray Ill-prepared Burning Man "virgins".

not really something I feel passionate about, but I'll try:

Burning Man is perhaps one of the most well-documented "underground" thing out there. The org itself maintains a huge website with packing lists, tips, and driving directions and mails paper "survival guides" to everyone who buys a ticket (for the 3 burners out there without web access). So what the hell is your excuse for not bringing enough water and Clif bars? What part of "no vending, no cafes, nothing to buy except coffee and ice" did you not understand? If you can afford a $200 ticket and transportation, you can afford sunscreen, food, and condoms. Otherwise, go to Fort lauderdale for Spring Break instead.

amiwithani Asshats who respond to the question, What day is it? with Friday ... ALL DAY.

I will add "Time to get a watch", "Not if I see you first" , "No, I got several hairs cut", and "See you next year" (when said on 12/30 or 12/31) to this rant. You will note that I only typed the "punchlines" (such as they are) for the first 3; this is because there is no adult speaker of English that hasn't heard these at least 20 times in their life, usually from a co-worker. Really, there are some verbal exchanges whose mundanity should be embraced rather than peppered with "humor". Is it so hard to be civil in the face of innocent pleasantries or a simple question? You might as well tell the "black and white and red all over" joke if this is the best you can do for humor.

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