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I hate you, part 2:

The Stranger annually puts donated gift packages on ebay as a fundraiser for charity. You can bid on record store grabbing sprees, dinner with the Mayor, designing The Stranger cover, etc. Here is the gift I'd get someone if I had 1) a bunch of money to blow 2) a seething hatred for the recepient of the gift:


for those outside of Seattle, Charles Mudede is a pretentious writer fond of dropping Dickens quotes into the "Police Beat" column, or comparing the ideas of the film "Ghost in the Shell 2" to those of Descartes. Bay Aryans can substitute "Gina Arnold" for Charles Mudede to get the idea of what it's like to read his columns/reviews; though Charles is more a scholar than Gina is, the self-loathing you feel after reading his work (when you KNEW how you'd feel afterwards, but read it anyway) is quite similar.

The idea of dinner with Charles is awful enough; the idea that there's more than one Mudede in the family in the King county boundaries and that they would join forces is chilling.

likewise, while this one would be torture for many, this is the one I'd bid on if it weren't already over $250:

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