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I'm behind in posting/reading because I am currently serving on a jury (I got a criminal case. I'll tell you about it when it's over, which should be in another 4-5 days) and unlike my workplace, the jury room does not have a computer that I can use on breaks to compulsively check email or read LJ. It does, however, have 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles and about 500 old issues of "People Weekly" to keep us occupied on breaks, since we can't leave the building.

But that doesn't matter right now. Here's the most topical halloween costume I think I've ever had:

If you don't get it, I have nothing to say to you except lick my butt, and suck on my balls. Fuck Yeah!
That's Ivan and Sally also in the photo. Sally's costume is Kim Jong Il's fierce black panther.

Here is my favorite group costume I saw all weekend...

...although the 2 people dressed as the Wonder Twins, complete with pointy ears and black wigs, was good too (but I failed to get a photo).

For some reason Frida Kahlo was a popular costume this year; I saw at least 3 of them.

I went to the Circus Contraption party but somehow missed the annual re-inactment of the "Thriller" zombie dance. Maybe next year.

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