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Cat Update and Thanksgiving

Domestic harmony is mostly restored. Henry's cone is off his neck, he's stopped shitting all over the place, and the hisses and growls from the girls have mostly subsided. Last night, all three of them slept in my bed, with Shockie doing an atypical thing and burrowing under the covers and sleeping near my feet. Awwww.

Only real downside is that having another cat has doubled the hair shedding/litter tracking, rather than merely increasing it by a third. lemur says this is what happens when you live with a guy, and I'm somewhat inclined to agree. probably the fact that he's somewhat longish haired (Henry, not lemur) ain't helping either. But Henry remains affectionate and seems to have appreciated (and thrived under) my care.

And to another topic: Thanksgiving Holiday means another Rock and Roll Roadtrip. Lemur and Lara's foray into NYC for Billy Nayer over Labor Day was great fun, and meeting the Inimitable (and non-abominable) Ms. Phibes was a neat convergence of real life and LJ life. So any LJers who'll be in Chicago over that weekend, if you see us at the Empty Bottle on Saturday (Poster Children) or the Metro on Sunday (Dismemberment Plan, early show), say hi.

Note: There seemed to be some irony correlated with the Labor Day Holiday (September 3), in which we decided not to do any NYC tourist type stuff because we'll be back sooner or later and have more time, and that shit will always be there. Ahem.
So heads up to evil forces, nothing bad may happen in/to Chicago the weekend after we leave. thank you.

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