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cleaning up is hard to do

A friend wants old LPs (any condition) for an art project. I'm thinking, hey, this is a good opportunity to clear out some of the ones I have that are either unlistenable because of scratches, or unlistenable because they're crap. Everybody wins!

But I have such a huge pile of unfiled LPs that it's hard to remember which ones are which. So I grabbed a pile and am listening to them to make sure I won't miss them when they're gone. Unfortunately, that means a weekend of listening to bland or awful music, all in the name of clearing out the library.

When thrifting, I have this habit of picking up any "nu-wave" or "power pop" albums, especially if they're on indie labels I've never heard of, because you never know, it might be good. I'm sure there are plenty of unsung bands circa 1978-1984 that never made the college radio scene, but are worth my 50 cents. Most of what I've obtained this way is, in fact, dreadful beyond belief, but I'm willing to give it a shot, still, because this is how I discovered Bruce Haack.

So far, the worst of these is "Lou Miami and the Kozmetix", an EP on "Modern Method Records" (oh, such a punk name!) out of Boston. Truly shlocky nu wave, plus an un-needed cover of "The Monster Mash"
I checked allmusic.com, no info. So I was pretty suprised when I googled them and found that they were one of these Beloved Live Bands Whose Records Don't Show Their True Brilliance:


Other google searches suggest that their first 7", "Fascist Lover" b/w "To sir with Love" might actually be good. But this EP sure isn't. I am also struck by the irony that while it sucks, it might also be eBay-able and make some nostalgic aging Boston punker very happy.

dougo , you're the only Boston indierocker on my friends list; what do you know about Lou Miami? Even better than The Lyres in reputation?

Crappy LP I'm nevertheless keeping:
an album called "Christmas Images" of 15 second radio spots/production music with jingles like "come see our winter wonderland" and something that sounds like Van Halen's "Jump", but with the lyrics "Our little elves are going crazy/they want you to take a peek/ at how good/the savings can be (instumental break) Take a peek at the savings!" While I do not currently have a DJ gig, one will come, and I will NEED this LP for set transitions. Or perhaps I need to find an "open turntables" night at one of the techno/phat beatz nightclubs and bring this.

Ho ho ho/ you're shopping the easy way!

crap, now all these jingles are in my head. And they're STILL more fun to listen to than Lou Miami.

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