Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.


so some charmer started an LJ community with this idea:

Do you have a problems with Arabs? Are you sick of Arabs in Palestine who demonize and murder the Israelis? are you disgusted with their atrocities toward Black Africans in Sudan and Mauritania? And are you just sick of that Islam/jihad/mecca shit?

Well, this is the forum for you. Fell free to post and comment to your hearts desire.

Naturally, under the "best way to fight hate speech is with more speech" method of discourse, about 70 people have joined the community and are posting photos of Arabs they find fuckable. (AILFs?)

Pretty funny, though perhaps not so worksafe, depending on the photos posted.

Don't be surprised if this community disappears in a day or two when the maintainer sees the 135 new posts made 2 days after he started it...

thanks to jodymeme and rimrunner for the heads up.

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