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things stolen from my porch, an ongoing list

I believe I mentioned way back when that a crate full of spray paint was stolen from my porch over the summer. I'd stupidly left it out because I'd be doing more painting the next day, and found myself minus about 8 cans plus the crate when I went outside 24 hours late.

this week's theft: a wooden coffee table I'd put on the porch to go with the double papasan chair. the table itself was a bit beaten up, but a nice older piece that would have looked great had I cared to restore it. I removed from the trashpile of a neighbor moving out, so I'm not too upset about it, but still, the brazenness/chutzpah someone has to come on my porch and take stuff really peeves me. I will add that you couldn't see the table from the street; you'd have to be on the porch at my door to know it was there to steal.

the other thing thats been stolen from me since I moved in May? 3 or 4 brightly colored bowling balls, serving as yard ornaments. 2 disappeared one day, then another 1 or 2 the next, so I got wise and put the remaining 2 in the backyard.

things that have not yet been stolen from my yard/porch:

25 lb. bag of potting soil (duh, but probably no less awkward to steal than the bowling balls)
one white lawn flamingo (other 3 are in backyard)
one tacky ashtray (that was on the now-stolen table)
one non-retro ugly vinyl covered chair (where the thief placed the ashtray when stealing the table)
the papasan chair
one portable orange TV (yard ornament)
2 tiki torches

more updates as more things get removed...or added, which would also be interesting.

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