Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Burn, man, burn

I wanted to get a good look at him before they burned him.

He was different than I expected. All week, I've seen his imposing figure from almost everywhere I stood at the camp. The camp's so big that sometimes he was a little obscured, but his spirit was omnipresent.

But yesterday, I wanted to get real close and examine the effigy that has haunted my week's dreams. I hadn't gotten this close since the beginning of the week.

He was different than I remember. For one thing, he was holding a small (maybe 3 feet tall?) effigy of his own. The effect was kind of like a photographer taking a picture while looking in a mirror. Only a little different; this miniature effigy was wearing my swiped panties!

EDIT: This entry in the semi-annual LJ vacation ghostwriting prank actually authored by therobbergirl
Tags: pranks

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